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  We are specialized in manufacturing of brass hardware,all our products are made from Japanese Industrial Standard JIS3603 brass materials,and the surface finishing on our products have passed the U.S.A STMB480 Hour SST(Salt Spray Test).TAIGOOD Copper Hardware Industry Marketing Center in Mainland China
  In 1998,we started selling our produts to HOME DEPO the largest hardware China in the world.In the same year,we collaborated with the WORLD CROSS GROUP to become the designated brass lock supplier for Modern Construction INC,the largest construction company in Korea.In 1999,our company became the only OEM plant for Germany's D.T.G GROUP in Mainland China.In 2006,we introduced and equipment from Italy,developed the RG bronxe lock range and launched it in the market.
  Since our operations officially began in Mainland China,apart from the foundations we have with our original plant,we have also built a brass refinery,an electroplating plant and have created three more PVD production lines. We are proud to say that we have succeed in providing comprehensive services by having the capacity to manage the entire process of development,production and marketing for all our products.
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